Seals and sealing technology are a core part of SKF's capabilities. SKF seals represent a superior quality and take a leadership role in the industry, mainly benefiting from its worldwide application knowledge, optimized materials, forward-looking design, state-of-the-art production technology and modern, efficient products.

The mechanical seal medium in the sealed chamber contains impurities and particles and must be cleaned. Otherwise, crystal precipitation, impurities, and particle precipitation will cause the mechanical seal to move, and the static ring will lose its floating performance, which will cause a spring failure. More seriously, the particles entering the friction pair will aggravate the friction, resulting in rapid damage to the mechanical seal. The mechanical seal should be flushed at this time.

There are three common methods for flushing mechanical seals:

1. External Flushing

An external flush is selected in the processing system to select a pressure above the sealing medium, and the temperature is lower than the mechanical seal medium, and a relatively clean liquid is used as the rinse liquid, and the sealed chamber is flushed, and the selected rinse liquid needs to enter the medium without affecting the product.

External rinsing is one of the most common methods of rinsing. It is commonly used for medium seals containing particles and more impurities. It is also equipped with a flushing fluid system. The equipment is complicated and increases the cost. It is only used for the tight sealing requirements of the media. Choosing the right flushing fluid is the easiest and most reliable method of external flushing, but it is necessary to install the flushing fluid in the process system of the sealed media. External flushing, as long as the flushing fluid is properly selected, the structural design is reasonable and can be greatly improved mechanical seal life.


Self-rinsing means that the medium is introduced from the outlet or high pressure end of the pump. After flushing the friction pair, it goes directly into the pump chamber. The self-rinsing method is the simplest, but can only be used when the media is relatively clean.

3. Recoil

The so-called backlash is to bring the medium in the sealed chamber to the inlet end of the pump. The medium in the sealed chamber is constantly updated to prevent precipitation of particles and impurities in the medium, thereby prematurely destroying the friction pair.