Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

manufactures a wide ready variety of different mechanical seals for a ample range of applications. We can also customize mechanical seals according to different movements, working environment etc
oil seal

Oil Seals

oil seals are used to prevent oil leakage from rotary shafts and housing clearance. These oil seal selection is based on diameters width, shaft speed, working temperature etc.
hydraulic seal

Hydraulic Seals

hydraulic seals are specially designed to the rotary and reciprocating motion for industrial applications. They are specially designed to for high pressure dynamics for different high pressure applications.
Shaft Seals

Shaft Seals

The Shaft Seals used to ensure fluid sealing in rotating shafts, They are generally pressure-free and come in different design shapes depending on the type of fluid, level of external pollution, qualities of the shaft and housing (hardness, surface roughness, material), speed, temperature, etc.
Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic Seals

The pneumatic seal is mainly used to contain fluids such as compressed air and gas. To make pneumatic seals, materials with advanced properties are used, which offer the best compromise between friction loads, the type of fluids and the effects of temperature and pressure.


The O'Rings , because of their simple shape and efficiency, have been used for a number of years in diverse industrial applications - valves, industrial engines, medical equipment, agricultural equipment and construction machinery, machine tools, etc. In short, in situations where a compact design is required for a good sealing effect.


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