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With more than ten years hard work and great emphasis on aftermarket services, A&S Seal Co., Ltd has dominated a big market with growing knowledge and experiences in sealing industry.

The seals we supply: Mechanical Seals, Oil seals, Gland Packing, Viton O Ring Seals, Rod Seals, Floating seals, Dust Seals, Cylinder Seals, Double lip seals, Hydraulic O rings, Hydraulic Oil seals, Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits, and so on. Custom services also can be provided to satisfy your special requirement.

The brands we provide: Busak Shamdan Seals, Burgmann Seals, John Crane Seals, SKF Seals, Goetze Seals, NOK seals, Merkel Seals, Garlock Seals, Hallite Seals, Valqua Seals, CFW Seals, Sakagami Seals, CR seals, KACO seals, TTO Seals, NAK seals, etc.

A&S Seals Co., Ltd. always values your feedback on our product type, quality, service, so that we can continue to improve, and then we can get futher cooperation and mutual benefits in the future. If you have demand or doubt in sealing products, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve your problems.

Hot Products

  • 27/06
    SKF announce extended range of new-generation, super-precision
    Now offers extended range of new-generation, super-precision bearings SKF announced that it has completed the integration of Soci??t?? Nouvelle de Fabrication A??ronautique (SNFA) into the SKF Group and consolidated the SNFA brand under the SKF brand.  SKF precision bearings are found in
  • 12/12
    ​How About Reciprocating Seals For Hydraulic Cylinders?
    How About Reciprocating Seals For Hydraulic Cylinders The most common fluids used in hydraulic systems are mineral oil based. In recent years, there has been a lot of attention paid to environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids, but their use, so far, is limited, mainly because of their relatively
  • 11/12
    ​Reciprocating Hydraulic Seals Used For Water-Based Fluids
    Reciprocating Hydraulic Seals Used For Water-Based Fluids A major use of water based fluids is in longwall mining roof supports, where HFA (5 / 95) fluids are generally used. These have the advantage over mineral oil of much greater fire resistance and lower cost and over plain water in that the 5%
  • 10/12
    ​Mechanical Seals And The Advantages
    Mechanical Seals And The Advantages Mechanical seals are a big part of any construction project. They are components that prevent substances from leaking through the joints between the two parts that the seal bridges and It comes in a variety of types. As an alternative, there are also gaskets and
  • 9/12
    ​Guides For Replacing Valve Seal On The Engine
    Guides For Replacing Valve Seal On The Engine The prosperity of the valve industry has been shown on many aspects, especially for the hydraulic systems. Actually, a variety of valves have been designed and manufactured so as to meet the increased requirements and specific specifications. Whatever,