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Parker Aramid Packing 11800312 can be woven by the high quality synthetic fiber, with the special lubricating oil and the separate preparations. It has the characteristic of the good self lubrication performance, the low friction factor, corrosion resistance. And it is suitable specially for the bad medium such as the dry powder, dust, the waste thick liquid and so on with the ash elimination pump, the waste thick liquid pump, the feed pump, the turbine feed pump and all kinds of large-scale water pump in the thermal power plant, the extremely good using effect, the long life, enhancing working efficiency very much, and reducing the time of the work suspension maintenance

Temperature of resistance:280℃

PH value: 1-13

Linear velocity: 18m/s

Pressure of resistance:

Rotary pump: 25bar

Reciprocating pump: 250bar

Valve: 100bar

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