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  • HRITHIK TOOLS PVT LTD          2018-04-22 16:23:56
        WE REQUIRE VITON OIL SEAL WITH FOLLOWING SPECKS CFW double leap size_40*52*7 mm BAU 3
  • Boulakbachi Mohand Amokrane          2013-12-18 02:50:27
        Dear sir, madam good morning. .We are an Algerian company Named Eurl AWP Algerian water pumps we are in the repair of all kinds of water pumps for trucks and machinery, Dear sir, we are currently creating an assembly line for water pumps We are interested in your product that suitable mechanical seals suitable for trucks pumps .Now, we buy these products from a French manufacturer who called cyclam France The product is of very good quality but the prices are very expensive. Dear sir, in our experience of twenty five years, we studies almost of water pumps that come to our workshop to make findings of durability and life of each element of the pump starting with the bearings then the mechanical seals and impellers. We found that mechanical pumps equipped by kaco seal brand, resisted much better than other brands, so we are launching a search for the brand on the net. Dear sir, if you would like to provide us with these products, we will discuss subsequently all export procedures Best regards The Manager: M.A.BOULAKBACHI
  • Yade          2013-11-02 09:57:51